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Meet the Rules Girl (and friends)

The Rules Girl team is enthusiastic about board gaming both professionally and personally. Being able to combine our professional skills of scriptwriting and animation with a genuine love for the hobby gets us hyped to come to work each day. Take a minute and get to know the Rules Girl herself, along with the rest of the team that works to create your videos.


Luiza | The Rules Girl

Currently a PhD candidate in biomedical engineering, Luiza sees tabletop gaming as an excellent way to blow off some steam. Originally starting The Rules Girl as an opportunity to improve her teaching skills, Luiza’s quickly become one of the best explainers in the industry. She’s also into flamenco, mountain biking, and rock climbing.

Her favorite games are Terraforming Mars, Alchemists, and Suburbia.


Tucker | Founder

As an Imagineer, Tucker played a role in breaking down and communicating the incredible work going into the future of theme parks. Nowadays, he uses those same skills to break down rules as effectively as possible. In his spare time, he enjoys bowling, visiting theme parks, and solving escape rooms.

His favorite games are Twilight Imperium, Star Wars: Rebellion, and Terraforming Mars.


Chris | Animator

Gamer at heart, Chris problem-solves by finding fun and joy in everyday situations. With seven years of professional animating and video production in his tool belt (and 400 games in his Steam backlog) Chris writes and animates for Rules Girl. He enjoys running DnD 5e weekly, tinkering with new computer parts, and watching Katie play Nintendo Switch.

His favorite games are Terraforming Mars, Concordia, Acquire, and anything published by Osprey Games.


Katie | Digital Marketer

Marketing for various clients, Katie has executed strategies for many industries from the insurance world to the transportation industry; hospitality and event management to the private law sector. Returning to her love of board games (and husband Chris), Katie loves working on projects for Rules Girl.

Her favorite games are Carcassonne, Castles of Burgundy, and Lords of Waterdeep.