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Publishers: What You Need to Know

Rules Girl exists to serve you. We geek out over great animation, so it’s our mission to get you just as excited about the video we produce for you. We use our industry and video experience to craft concise and engaging how-to-play videos.

How Can a Video Help You?

With a Rules Girl video, we set you (and your players) up for success. How do we do that? Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can use our video.

  • Teach your players how to play the game
    Video is a great way to engage players who might get lost reading a rulebook. Think of this as a gift to all those players that nod off during a lengthy rules explanation.

  • Use it as a fast elevator pitch
    Need to quickly explain your game’s concept, mechanics, or look and feel? Your Rules Girl video will accomplish just that.

  • Publish the video on your retail website
    Your how-to-play video can be a great sales tool to convert website shoppers into customers of your board game.

  • Take your video to conventions
    The fast-paced world of conventions like Origins or GenCon can make it hard to explain your game in a quick way that engages convention goers. A Rules Girl video can solve that problem.

Ready to start the process?

Check out what’s involved in the making of a Rules Girl video. The process is quick, easy, and straight-forward. Learn more now!