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Rules Girl How-to-Play Videos

Ready to see your board game come to life? Rules Girl writes video scripts, animates the components of your board game, and perfectly executes how-to-play board game videos that your fans will love. It’s our goal to help your product succeed, and a snappy rules video could be just what you need.

Video Production Process

Curious what it takes to build an animated how-to-play board game video? Our simple process helps alleviate work on your end and ensures you receive a top-quality rules video.

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HOw-To-Play Examples

The best way to get to know Rules Girl is to take a look at some of the how-to-play videos we’ve done for other clients. Check out some examples on our site and YouTube—we think you’ll like what you see!

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Rules Girl Team

Our team is small, but mighty. We’ve got both men and women creators and place a strong emphasis on passion, creativity, and purpose. You’ll work directly with our small team throughout the process.

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why buy a video?

95% of people have watched YouTube instructional videos to understand a product or service. It’s time to jump on board.

Rules Girl exists to bring your board game to life through animation. It’s our hope that in developing a partnership, we can help make your board game more accessible to users and get it to the table over and over again.

Why We do what we do

Making how-to-play videos is about so much more than making a living. It’s about making board games accessible to all users through easy, ultra-concise rules explanations.